Wellness Programs  

Jageshwar is one of the ancient villages of India which has successfully managed to preserve the 2500-year-old Shiva temple complex. The place is still vibrant with the reverberations of the powerful Lingas established in the village. Legend has it that Lord Shiva would come down to this place and meditate for some time. Being a wellness lodge surrounded by the dense forest of deodar, Van Serai Forest Lodge promotes a variety of wellness retreats ranging from Detox Program, Hatha Yoga, Meditation, Shiva Walks, Himalayan Treks and many more. Shiva Walks is the prominent retreat of the lodge. 

Shiva Walks 

Shiva Walks is one of the most intriguing and prominent walks that the Van Serai Lodge conducts. It focuses on finding a sense of  balance, helps one feel calm and at peace and promotes clearer thinking. Embark on a journey into the wilderness and connect with yourself, spend time with yourself and take in the serenity and the calmness in the environment. Feel the spirituality of the town of Jageshwar, detoxify yourself of any negativity or stress.  Enrich your body, mind and soul with the power of Shiva Walks.

Hatha Yoga 

Take part in the Yoga classes guided by our in house Yoga Instructor. Get your asanas right and practice Hatha Yoga. focus on your breathing and inner self, take in the surroundings, the sounds of nature, leaves rustling, rivulet flowing, birds chirping and relax yourself.  You can also learn how to do Yoga by yourself with the help of our in house Yoga instructor and learn the asanas and techniques of breathing. Enrich your trip  with us and engage in self care.


The sense of balance, the feeling of peace and calm, the power of meditation, Van Serai is a home away from home that allows one to meditate while being surrounded by wilderness with nothing but the sounds of nature. Indulge in Meditation sessions at Van Serai and feel the power of nature, the sense of being in touch with your inner self. Practice a meditation session outdoors in the lodge, next to the stream of in the open spaces with a view of the lush green forest and Himalayas in the backdrop.