Duration – 9 nights 10 days

If you want to fill your senses with Himalayan delights, then these 10 days are for you. From the foothills and forests to the lush deodars in the higher altitudes this tour will take you across forest Lodges, sacred rivers, conserved national parks, orchards and ancient temples that you will leave you asking for more.

Whether you are a wildlife enthusiast or a nature lover or a spiritual seeker, there will be something for you wherever you go. From tigers in Jim Corbett’s land to the ancient Shiva Temples in Jageshwar to the birds in thick teak forests to the holy banks of the Ganges, the tour will never let you rest.

When you do find a moment of rest, you can be sure of finding yourself in well-planned lodges that will pamper you with its cuisines, warm hospitality and natural surroundings which too will tempt you to go on a discovery tour.


  • Indian Wildlife
  • Himalayan Vistas
  • Quaint Himalayan forest Lodges
  • Temples
  • Kumaoni Hospitality


Day 1  – Delhi to Corbett National Park

Day 2  –  Corbett National Park

Day 3  –  Corbett National park to Pangot

Day 4  –  Pangot

Day 5  – Pangot to Jageshwar

Day 6  – Jageshwar

Day 7  – Jageshwar to Binsar

Day 8 – Binsar

Day 9  – Binsar to Ranikhet

Day 10 – Ranikhet to Delhi