You enter the meditation room through the rosewood door that renders energy the moment you step in. The meditation room is a consecrated space that has a beautiful Linga Bhairavi plaque radiating energy to everyone who sits there. The room is ideal for 8-10 people who wish to meditate or 3-4 people who may wish to do Yoga. The mats, cushions etc. are provided to the meditators. The room has ancient wooden windows salvaged from a broken Kumaoni house. These are called Likhai windows which have a deep science of their own. The room faces the popular Deodar trees & forests of Jageshwar. The room is adorned with artefacts that relate to Hindu spiritual mythology. A lamp burns in the room, cleansing the aura for those who make use of the room. In the evening, we have sangha - a congregation of local singers who sing Kirtan with musical instruments such as Dholak and Manzira, which reverberate as Mantras, emanating sounds of purity. The meditative energy in this room helps one with health, spiritual growth, peace, and success. It helps one achieve a sense of balance and calmness.