Jageshwar is located in the narrow Jat Ganga river valley. Snow-capped mountains form a perfect backdrop for this beautiful temple site in winter and the ever so lush and green forest and mountains make for a beautiful backdrop in Summer. Caressed by the two streams, Nandini and Surabhi which converge near a sacred spot in the temple complex, this site is a visual treat.

Getting There

Jageshwar is just 34 km by road from Almora and 88 Kms from Pithorgarh at an altitude of 1870 metres, in the Jat Ganga river valley.

The nearest railway station is in Kathgodam, 135 km away.

Many buses and taxis ply regularly.

One can also arrive via Nainital, which is 100 km southwest of Jageshwar.

Road Distance Chart to Jageshwar

  • Delhi to Jageshwar - 405 km
  • Almora to Jageshwar - 35 km
  • Pithoragarh to Jageshwar (via Binta) – 88 km
  • Haldwani to Jageshwar - 130 km
  • Kathgodam to Jageshwar - 125 km
  • Nainital to Jageshwar - 101 km