There is a lot to do in Jageshwar from relaxing to adventure, there is a plethora of activities for you. Indulge in shiva walks, nature walks, yoga and meditation, hikes & treks, outdoor games, cooking lessons for traditional Kumaoni food, night walks, village & temple visits, etc.

Daily and Overnight Treks: Treks that take you through the lush forests and sprawling valleys, alongside streams across different terrains are worth the while.  Revitalizing solitude walks (to help you be with your inner self) take you on quaint pathways and offbeat tracks. The solitude treks pass through thick and lush forests and quaint Kumaoni villages. Mostly downhill they are easy and can be done by everyone. 

The bonus is that we offer you the opportunity to not only experience nature but also the chance to stay in traditional Kumaoni village homes with carved doors and windows. With all amenities, the houses still retain their rustic charm, which makes it a very traditional and local experience and a must do when in Jageshwar.

Starting from Binsar, the trek makes its way to Jageshwar. Overnight stay at the rustic homes allows you to get a taste of traditional Kumaoni food. Your palate will be delighted by the simple yet delicious food. One can take the option of an entire day trek with an overnight stay or break up the trek into two to three days.

Bird watching in Jageshwar and Binsar Bird Sanctuary: The deodar forest at the lower altitude and the pine cover higher up, make for the perfect habitat for many rare bird species like Forktail, Blackbirds, Laughing Thrush, Kalij Pheasant, Nuthatches, etc. Van Serai‘s in-house birding expert will be happy to initiate you into the world of bird watching. If you are already into birding, he would be an interesting source of information on species specific to this region. You can also choose to explore the beautiful forest at your own pace, maybe carry a picnic hamper for a longer trek and make the most of the majestic natural beauty around you. 

Binsar is another hotspot for bird watching. Binsar Wildlife Sanctuary is declared as an important Bird Area, it is home to over 200 species of birds. You can spot a variety of bird species like Asian Barred Owlet, Rusty-tailed Flycatcher, Brown Wood Owl, Long-billed Thrush, Lesser Fish Eagle, Black Kite, etc and wildlife animals like Leopard, Himalayan goral, chital, musk deer, Sumatran serow, jungle cat, wild boar, pine marten, red fox, etc in Binsar Wildlife Sanctuary. 

Corporate offsite and Retreats: The top brass of many companies select Van Serai for high-powered meetings of small groups. The meetings are conducted in the wilderness, in our dining room, in the quietness of our verandah or the consecrated space of Yoga room. All places are well structured and can be converted for meetings as per the guests’ requirements. 

Many companies also organise their corporate retreats with us as Jageshwar is the perfect getaway from Delhi and lays amidst the Kumaon Himalayas, surrounded by lush green forest, is known for its peaceful and calming environment and at the same time offers a plethora of activities both adventurous and relaxing for everyone. 

Shiva walks

Ancient Temple visits at Jageshwar Dham: A visit to the famous temples, one of them dating back 2500 years, is almost mandatory. The stone balanced temples remind you of the Flintstones comic or Stonehenge, having been here for centuries, they are a wonder in themselves, they hold great spiritual and heritage value. The legends and tales around the temples are part of the folklore and intrigues, which our local guides would be happy to share with you.

Walks around Jageshwar: Walk  around the local villages, admiring the traditional old houses with carved wooden doors and windows, experience the local lifestyle and gorge on some delectable local food.  

A visit to Jageshwar is incomplete without interaction with a local family accompanied by a local Kumaoni meal. Sit around the bonfire hearing the local folklore and haunting Kumaoni music and songs. Feel the warm-hearted welcome and make friends for life. Let our staff know if you‘re interested and we will help put it together for you. Watch how time has stood still in some places and modernity has engulfed some others.

Aarti and Pooja at the Hindu Temples of Jageshwar: Aarti is the worship of the divinity of the Gods through the medium of the elements. Fire is revered in the Hindu religion. The flame is considered sacred as it represents light, warmth and new beginnings. During Aarti, the priest who conducts the prayers circulates the sacred thali on which the wick is placed. One exhibits reverence by cupping one’s hands over the flame and lifting them to the forehead. It is a magical experience in itself. 

Starry nights

Stargazing is a simple way to bring science alive and gives you a chance to marvel at the beauty of the natural world. Taking the time to look up in wonder at the canopy of space is a powerful experience, which everyone can and must enjoy from time to time. It is said that it is in the hills, at a higher altitude when you are closer to the milky way galaxy and so it is in Jageshwar. 

The nights in Jageshwar are absolutely magical. Sit on the logs or the lush green grass, closer to earth, enjoying the sounds of the bonfire rustling, inhale the fresh forest air and look up, do some stargazing, try identifying constellations or simply take in the enthralling views.