They say, in order to fully experience a place, one must engage in activities that the locals do and one must live and travel like a local. Here are some local activities that you can enjoy while you are in Jageshwar and experience Jageshwar like a local. 

Picnics with friends, family or colleagues

There is nothing like a packed lunch under the Deodar trees while sitting on a large rock by the rivulet. Having grown up in the area, our staff knows the undiscovered and non touristy spots with the best rocks, making for a perfect spot to sit down and unwind while being surrounded by the lush trees and sounds of nature. Make paper boats or simply watch the small fish swim around. For the adrenaline and more adventurous people, dip your feet in the chilly water. 

The trek to Jhankar Saim from Van Serai is dotted with many such picnic spots where you can just sit down and spend some quality time with your friends, family or colleagues. It takes about an hour to reach the summit but the view you get from the top is totally worth the effort.
For guests wanting to go for a picnic, we are happy to provide a picnic hamper.

Cooking lessons from Kumaon: Jageshwar being a pilgrimage site, we respect religious sentiments and serve only vegetarian food. Using fresh spices and vegetables from the village, you will be able to learn some traditional Kumaoni dishes with the help of our knowledgeable chefs. If you like any particular dish or are keen to learn signature Kumaoni dishes, we can try and arrange a cooking lesson for you too. Feel free to exchange recipes with our cooks and make yourself feel at home.
Village visits

Walk around the local villages, admire the traditional old houses with carved wooden doors and windows. Watch how time has stood still in some places and modernity has engulfed the other places. Immerse yourself in the local way of life. 

A visit to Jageshwar is incomplete without an interaction with a local family accompanied with a local traditional Kumaoni meal. Sit around the bonfire listening to the local folklore and Kumaoni music and songs. Feel the warm hearted welcome and make friends for life. Let our staff know if you’re interested and we will help put it together for you.
For guests wanting to explore the local village, we are happy to provide a picnic hamper.

Exploring caves

The cave structures in and around Jageshwar are absolutely enticing. From small holes in the walls to large caves which were probably used for Tantric congregations. The entire area is dotted with a plethora of caves, each one with its own unique story. The most famous amongst these are the Airavat Cave and the Patal Bhuvaneshwar caves, in case you are feeling adventurous enough to explore them.

Village Visits