Van Serai Forest Lodge- A Labour of Love!


If you yearn for a blissful experience of life,
it is time to look inside and do something about it.

One cannot control the outside situation completely, but one can always take 100% control of the interiority. Once that is in your control, whatever the outside situation may be, your experience of life will always be the way you want it to be.

The Retreat helps you understand a few key elements of nature.

What exactly makes you who you are?
It is the mind, body, emotions and energy! All the experiences of life you’ve ever had are the result of them coming together in a specific alignment. This alignment reorients itself according to immediate natural conditions. In an undisturbed natural space, the ether is dense which perfectly align the faculties for exploring your inner dimension.

During the Evolution Programme, we also take care that we charge the place with energies through yantras which are consecrated by the yogi of the highest order. And of course, we will be doing yogic kriyas to make the ether denser still.

What we offer is a live process with a lineage which is over ten thousand years old. This speaks for itself about the authenticity and the power of what you are about to undergo.

The Preparation
A few days before you arrive, we will make you do a warm up task to explore yourself in some depth and prepare the ground to experience the change.

The Process
On arrival, we will start with a pre-yoga that is a simple yet powerful system to activate the joints, muscles and energy system. It rejuvenates the body and negates the tiredness of jetlag and long travel.

In order to address the whole being – mind, body, emotions and energies, an amalgamation of karma, gyan, bhakti and kriya is needed. And we will have this amalgamation in our session.

Just like we need to align the antenna right to download anything, the body needs to be aligned to connect to the whole cosmos. This can be done by exploring the real essence of asanas.

We will discover how breath is a bridge between the body, mind, emotion and energy. Breath can purify you and prepare you to receive higher energies. Breath is the doorway that opens to health, peace, intensity and also enlightenment.

Gyan will be stimulated through bonfire story-telling sessions from the yogic lore. And emotional upsurge is not far behind if you are able to connect to the infinite intelligence around. We will have yogic kriyas perfect for the occasion and meditations which will be an opportunity to blast yourself.

The Follow-up
The offerings need to become a part of you and we will ensure that it happens for at least six months and after that you will clearly know its importance. We will inspire you through our information channels, we will guide you with the practices and we will make you fill a routine chart for your own reference and progress.
Benefits: Immediate; Long Term; Beyond physical realm

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