Van Serai Forest Lodge- A Labour of Love!

  • Jageshwar Archaeological Museum The Archaeological Museum comprises of ancient religious carvings from the temples for conservation purposes. The Archaeological museum is worth visiting.
  • Mirtola AshramSet up by Shri Yashoda Ma a house wife turned ascetic.The Ashram is enroute to PithoragarhAlmora.
  • Jagannath Temple
  • Kuber Temple From the cluster of the Jageshwar Temples can be seen clearly
  • Vinayak Kshetra- ‘’Kshetra’’ meaning area is from where the Temples of Jageshwar begins
  • Pushti Devi Temple of the female goddess Pushti Devi
  • Airavat Gufa ‘’Gufa’’ literally means Cave is situated close to the Jageshwar Temple
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