Van Serai Forest Lodge- A Labour of Love!


A Short Birding Report – Jageshwar

Date ( Jan 31 – Feb 1, 2017)

By Sanjib Acharaya Naturalist & Guide Asian Adventures

Birds are everywhere, we can see them from higher Mountains to the Deserts.In India bird habitats are divided into forests, scrub, wetlands, grasslands, agricultural lands, the desert and seas. Many bird species require a mixed habitat and there are other variety of birds which are differentiate by the climate.

Jageshwar in the state of Uttarakhand,  lies in Sub tropical – Alpine forest zone. The region has coniferous trees such as Cheer, Pine, Deodar along with a mixed forest of Oak and Rhododendron.

I stayed at Van Serai forest lodge, just 1 Km away from the Jageshwar temple. Early morning I walked to the temple following the road alongside a small creek. The walk was very so serene almost left me in an introspective mode. I being a birding guide and a naturalist being in nature is meditation to me.

In by birding career I have been bird watching in many places in Nepal and Northern India. What I have gathered is that most of the Himalayan birds are similar here except some western range species.

Jageshwar is an awesome birding destination. I had visited during the winter season so many Himalayan birds had flown more down for their winter vacation, despite that I spotted some beautiful birds.

Day 1: In the Morning, I walked up to the Jageshwar temple. In the afternoon I drove to Briddha Jageshwar and Jhakar temple and on my return I hiked back to the Lodge.

Day 2 : I spend the entire morning birding inside Eco park and took a hike up to a hill later in the afternoon.
Jageshwar Birds Checklist

1 Himalayan Vulture
2 Steppe Eagle
3 Bonell’s Eagle
4 Mountain Hawk Eagle
5 Common Pigeon
6 Oriental Turtle Dove
7 Slaty-headed Parakeet
8 Mountain Scops Owl
9 Rufous-bellied Woodpecker
10 Brown-fronted Woodpecker
11 Grey-headed Woodpecker
12 Long-tailed Minivet
13 Bronzed Drongo
14 Red-billed Blue Magpie
15 Black-headed Jay
16 Large-billed Crow
17 Green-backed Tit
18 Coal Tit 16
19 Black-throated Tit
20 Barn Swallow
21 Red-rumped Swallow
22 Himalayan Bulbul
23 Red-vented Bulbul
24 Black Bulbul
25 Striated Prinia
26 Buff-barred Warbler
27 Lemon-rumped Warbler
28 Ashy-throated Warbler
29 Grey-hooded Warbler
30 Whistler’s Warbler
31 Goldcrest
32 Streaked Laughingthrush
33 Brown Dipper
34 White-tailed Nuthatch
35 Bar-tailed Treecreeper
36 Common Myna
37 Blue Whistling Thrush
38 Mistle Thrush
39 Himalayan Bluetail
40 Plumbeous Water Redstart
41 White-capped Redstart
42 Blue-capped Redstart
43 Blue-fronted Redstart
44 House Sparrow
45 Russet Sparrow
46 Dark-breasted Rosefinch
47 Rufous-breasted Accentor
48 Rock Bunting

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