Van Serai Forest Lodge- A Labour of Love!


Nestled deep in the Jataganga valley of Uttarakhand lies Jageshwar. The soothing calm of the place blending with a pulsating spirituality complements the grandeur of its backdrop. Thick deodar forests, and meandering streams delineate a heavenly feel. The quaintly scenic pilgrimage town houses the divinity of Lord Shiva The temple city consists of ancient temples dating from the 9th to the 13th century.

The town comes alive with the Jageshwar monsoon festival that takes place during July 15th to August 15 during the Hindu holy month of Shravan. The Shivratri Mela held during spring is another important festive event that is celebrated with vibrancy and energetic joy.

A concordance between the primordial magnificence of Nature, the spiritual essence that is intrinsic to the place and the simple human habitants makes the place a must visit.

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