Van Serai Forest Lodge- A Labour of Love!


Hatha Yoga Retreat Jageshwar
Date April 14-20

Hatha has two syllables attached. Ha refers to solar aspects and that refers to the lunar aspects. It manifests as heat and cold, male and female, anger and peace, fulfillment and misery and many like these dualities. For the life to happen smoothly these aspects need to be in certain balance.


Coming out of disease
Mental overhaul and coming out of distress
Capacity building or capability enhancement
Rejuvenation on the level of energy and
Reducing the aging process

During this retreat, a variety of ‘fun’ activities will be conducted to bring about the child in you. We will indulge in a serious nature watch, hikes & treks, outdoor games, cooking lessons,
video films, night walks, village visits etc.


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