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Food has an immense effect on the body and temperament. It is scientifically proven that certain foods produce clearer skin tones, a balanced digestion and lend a brighter and more aware energy to your personality. Light, simple and wholesome food as delineated in a Satvic diet is nutritious and leads to a long life free of diseases. Good health leads to a mind at peace and thereby greater clarity of thought.

Fresh fruits and vegetables like tomatoes, gourd, eggplants, bitter gourd etc. form part of the Satvic diet.

Protein rich foods like pulses particularly green gram, sprouts are satvic food. Most dry fruits, milk, butter, clarified butter too form part of the Satvic diet.

The diet is spiced with turmeric, ginger, cinnamon coriander, fennel, cardamom among others. These flavorsome spices are well known for their health-giving properties.

Satvic régime is an antithesis of the tamasic diet which is heavily dependent on processed food that leads to weight gain, lifestyle diseases and builds fatty acids in the stomach. Where in the fast paced, stress ridden and competitive routine we callour daily life stimulants like alcohol, coffee, and tobacco seem necessary to keep us going we at Asian adventures design tours that let you enjoy the benefits of nourishing, simple food with yoga in the midst of nature and clean, fresh breath of the mountains.

A revitalizing change which can be incorporated into a lifestyle. The positivity with which your life will be imbued will add tremendous benefits to your work and personal life.

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